Local knowledge and experience

Good Earth Growers is a group of independent growers based in Cornwall, born out of the collaboration between Sean O’Neil and Natoora. Sean has been growing organic salads and vegetables for over fifteen years, working at Keveral Farm in St. Martins by Looe, Cornwall. Natoora work with top local suppliers around the UK to supply their customers with the best in local produce and the very best natural food. Good Earth Growers value experience, local knowledge and a strong passion for growing fine quality artisan produce.


Grown in Cornwall, supplying in the finest restaurants in the country

Through Good Earth Growers’ established and reliable distribution network, Cornish independent growers supply the freshest and best quality artisan fruit, vegetables and salads to some of the top restaurants in the country. Working with our delivery partners LOGISTHICKS, we make regular deliveries to many of London’s most discerning restaurants and fine dining chefs throughout Cornwall.


Fine artisan produce

Each of our selected growers is passionate and knowledgeable in their area of expertise. Our hand-picked salads and artisan fruit and vegetables are grown with care and attention, outdoors where possible, and harvested at the optimum time of day for flavour and freshness. All of our growers either use established organic and natural approaches, or are working towards these principles. Driven by an enthusiasm for quality, flavour and freshness, we pride ourselves in consistently producing and supplying the most interesting and delicious varieties.